The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson

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“Like any good library, it’s bursting with incredible tales and characters,” writes David Eggers of Susan Orlean’s latest work The Library Book. Most known for the bestselling The Orchid Thief, Orlean has been on staff at The New Yorker for 25 years, demonstrating a flair for longform non-fiction. She takes as her starting point the devastating 1986 fire at the Los Angeles Public Library, interviews many people involved and touched by the event, and adds element of memoir, biography, history and science to create what is essentially a love letter to the library, “humanity’s bulwark against oblivion” (The Washington Post) alongside an intriguing whodunnit. She speaks with Simon Wilson.

Supported by Platinum Patrons Susan & Gavin Walker.

Unfortunately Susan Orlean has had to return to the US due to family bereavement and will no longer appearing at the Festival. This event has been cancelled.

Sun, 19 May 2019

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