The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson

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We are excited to announce our online 2020 Winter Series, featuring a star-studded writer line-up once a week for 13 weeks, 3 May - 26 July. Three writers including at least two from the 2020 programme will chat with series host Paula Morris, read from their work and answer audience questions.

Each episode will stream live and free-to-view on the Festival’s YouTube and Facebook channels, and will then be uploaded to our website.

Watch the livestream, at 9-10am each Sunday:

Or catch up later:

Bookseller link:

EPISODE 13: 9AM SUNDAY 26 JULY (SERIES FINALE): Ann Patchett, Colin Thubron, Maggie O'Farrell, Rose Lu

EPISODE 12: 9AM SUNDAY 19 JULY: Patrick Gale, Julia Ebner, Michele Leggott

EPISODE 11: SUNDAY 12 JULY: Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai, Leanne Shapton, Neil Gaiman
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 11 or Listen to Episode 11

EPISODE 10: SUNDAY 5 JULY: Renée, Joshua Whitehead, Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly, hosted by Tina Makereti
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 10 or Listen to Episode 10

EPISODE 9: SUNDAY 28 JUNE: Selina Tusitala Marsh, Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 9 or Listen to Episode 9

EPISODE 8: SUNDAY 21 JUNE: Philippa Swan, Freya Daly-Sadgrove, Helon Habila
Watch Episode 8 or Listen to Episode 8

EPISODE 7: SUNDAY 14 JUNE: An Yu, Anthony Byrt, Christine Fernyhough
CATCH UP : Watch Episode 7 or Listen to Episode 7

EPISODE 6: SUNDAY 7 JUNE: Olivia Hayfield, Peter Stanford, Elizabeth Knox
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 6 or Listen to Episode 6

EPISODE 5: SUNDAY 31 MAY: Richard Ford, Amy McDaid, Yasmin Khan
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 5 or Listen to Episode 5

EPISODE 4: SUNDAY 24 MAY: Deborah Eisenberg, Wallace Shawn, Caroline Barron
CATCH UP: Watch Episode 4 or Listen to Episode 4

EPISODE 3: SUNDAY 17 MAY: Becky Manawatu, Robert Macfarlane, Chanel Miller
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or Listen to Episode 3

EPISODE 2: SUNDAY 10 MAY: Philippe Sands, Ian Wedde, Lisa Taddeo
CATCH UP: View Episode 2 or Listen to Episode 2

EPISODE 1: SUNDAY 3 MAY: Barbara Ewing, Alan Bollard, Baernardine Evaristo
CATCH UP: View Episode 1 or Listen to Episode 1

This series provides an opportunity to champion New Zealand and international books that were to feature at our now-cancelled May Festival, and we encourage viewers to order books via our partner bookseller: The Women's Bookshop.

The Festival thanks its presentation partner Auckland Live, as well as Copyright New Zealand and all our generous sponsors, funders and patrons and friends whose support has enabled us to continue our work during these extraordinary times.